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On this webpage we introduce to you as an investor, green renewable projects that you can invest in.

Your investment will enable us to build and operate green renewable energy projects that will lead to reduced climate gas emissions. A matter that concerns us all but also a matter where far to little are done today!

In order to realize these green projects we are selling the projects in shares. We sell the shares online, and the ownership of each share is registered on a blockchain. This is a very secure way of ensuring that every investor, at any time, can claim their ownership of their shares.

We believe this way of proving ownership by the use of blockchain is the future. Just like green renewable energy is the future. The use of blockchain technology simply helps the projects to get financed in a more efficient way and it allows us to offer the shares, to a much broader group of investors.

How to invest

On this website we will publish projects that are open to investments.

You will be able to read the outlines about the projects on this web page to evaluate if you find a project interesting for you as an investor.

If you register and login to the membership area of our website, you will be able to get much more additional information on the particular projects of interest.

If a project is very new, you might not be able to actually buy shares in that particular project yet. Instead you can sign up for buying shares when the project is ready for sale. When signing up, you can inform us of how many shares you play to buy and how certain you are that you want to invest. In some projects you will even be able to reserve an amount of shares. In that case we might contact you to verify your reservation.

Doing so does not commit you in any way. This only serves to helps us to evaluate if the current project have the realistic financial potential it needs to get started.

You will receive an e-mail when the sales of share are scheduled to start.

When the sales of shares on a particular project have started, you will be able to login to the share sales-platform and do the actual purchase.

On that share sales-platform you will have to register to comply with the anti-money laundering regulations and to verify your identity. It is important to us that we, in all aspects, comply with the current regulations and that our investors do the same.

When buying shares it is important that you read and understand the conditions that follows.

There can be conditions that say something about how to sell the shares again. In some cases the shares can be locked for a period of time before you can sell them again. In periods the reselling can only be directed towards a limited group of co-investors. At some point the tokens will most likely be open for sales on what is called the secondary market. This means that it can be sold to other investors making the likvidity of the shares much better. How and when this is planned to happen will be described in the prospects of each project.

There will also be conditions saying something about governance of the projects, if an how it is planned to pay dividends to investors or if it is planned to buy back shares to increase the value of each token in circulation.

So make sure that you read the conditions carefully before investing.

If there is something that are unclear or you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask us for clarification. We do not want our investors to be surprised or disappointed about anything because of a simple misunderstanding.

How green is it?

To us, it is VERY important that the projects we establish are actually doing a positive change in our world. That is our main motivation!

In the member-area investors can dive deeper into the expected climate gas emission reductions related to each project and read more about the positive changes involved.

The carbon footprint will be different from project to project, but that does not necessarily mean that a project with less CO2 impact is less “green” or valuable for the environment and society. There can be other factors that makes the project very green and sustainable.

A positive green change can mean several things: Reducing climate gas emissions is important, so is emissions of particles, leakage and recirculation of nutrients, handling of toxic fluids and gasses and so on.

For example, a project containing the build out of of solar panels can have a good CO2 reduction effect, but they can only produce power when the sun i shining and the CO2 reduction effect depends on the power that is substituted for solar power. The power produced are not stable and it cannot be used for base load production on the power grid. There are some good effects and some less good effects that simply cannot be measured in CO2 equivalents.

Similar for a biogas plant. This has very good CO2 reduction effects, but it can also do a lot of other things. This can make biogas technology a bit confusing to some, because a biogas plant have positive effects on both CO2 emission, methane emissions from farms, odor emissions, leakage of nutrients to open waters, recirculation of nutrients from waste and so on. It is a swiss army knife in the environment and it is therefore more complex to understand than a solar panel or a windmill.

To us, it is important that the Life Cycle Analysis and the environmental impacts of the projects we finance are covered as correct and comprehensible as possible. This is you guarantee as an investor that the money you invest is really making a positive green impact on Planet Earth.

Why use blockchain?

We use blockchain to handle the ownership of the shares in the green assets we sell.

A blockchain can be compared to a large document where each page of the document is a block. Every now and then a new “page” called a block is created and added to the document which forms the chain, a block-chain.

The document, or blockchain, is distributed on a lot of servers around the world. They servers constantly check that the copies of the document around the world are exactly the same. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to manipulate and change anything that is already written in a blockchain.

A blockchain is therefore very good for storing information that is not to be manipulated, like ownership of currencies or other assets.

For example, if you own a crypto currency is written in a blockchain, which is this an online and public document. Because it is secure and open to the public you can be sure that you are the owner of that crypto currency.

The shares we sell, representing ownership in projects and real world assets, are not cryptocurrencies.

The ownership of the shares we sell, however, is handled in a similar way as the ownership of cryptocurrencies. This is because it is written in a blockchain who owns the shares.

There are several different blockchains that can be used for this purpose. Some, like the bitcoin blockchain for example, are consuming a lot of energy, which is problematic and this is not in line with the purpose we are trying to fulfill. Some blockchains does not consume a lot of energy and a few are even carbon neutral. At the moment we aim to use the very advanced and efficient Algorand blockchain to register the ownership of the shares we sell. The Algorand blockchain is very advanced, very secure and stable, cheap to use, and it is a carbon neutral blockchain. Therefore it is a very suitable blockchain for the purpose of handling the ownership of green assets.

More questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

Send your question on and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

If your question has general interest we might publish the answer on the website also.

Remember that by registering and logging into our member-area you will be able to gain a lot more project specific information. So if your question relates to a specific project, please investigate the member area first.