About Green to Share

The story

Green to share is an initiative established with the purpose of handling the ownership and the capital needed for realising green renewable energy projects.

It was started on the basis of Lund Thunbo ApS working with green technology mainly focused on biogas, energy recovery, and green fuel.

The company has experienced a growing interest in their products and services, but saw also that most of their customers had difficulties raising capital to finance their projects. As a result their customers would often end up with both expensive loans, a lot of risk, and the process of onboarding investors could be very long, slowing down the entire project.

We know how to handle the projects and manage the technical risks. We know the technology we are working with and we are comfortable with taking responsibility for both the financing, the construction, and the operation of the projects we establish.

We can therefore remove the large risk load from the end customer and move it to ourselves, where the risk is much smaller, simply because we have the experience to handle the challenges involved with the projects.

The large costs of financing the projects will also be reduced considerably when we handle it through the model of selling shares in the projects. We also expect that the share offerings we present will lead to a faster and more smooth financing of the projects.