CO2 capture plant for carbon storage

Carbon storage is one of the only solutions to actually bring down the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere.

This plant will gather CO2 from a Norwegian biogas plant. This CO2 is close to 100% concentrated CO2, so it gathered, liquify and transport to the underground storage facility “Northern Lights” by the Norwegian west coast very efficiently.

Project introduction

The CO2 capture plant will be located on the Norwegian west coast.

It will be placed by a biogas plant leading out a significant amount of bio-CO2 from its upgrading plant. This CO2 is close to 100% concentrated and it can therefore easily be captured, liquified and transported to the harbour where it is sent to the underground storage facility Northern Lights.

The revenue for the investment will come from the sales of carbon credits, which is generated as the CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

Token sales

For this project, at total of 100,000 tokens are for sale.

For early investors the token price will be low, and as the project develops and the risk involved in the project is reduced, the token price will increase.

Token sales will be done on the Token-trade platform when the project is ready to receive investment.


To invest in this project

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