Compressed Biomethane Fuelling Stations

Compressed Biomethane Gas, also called CBG, is similar to Compressed Natural Gas, known as CNG, but instead of having a fossile origin, the CBG originates from biogas.

Biogas is produced from waste products such as cattle manure, straw, organic household waste and industrial waste. The biogas is therefore a completely renewable fuel product that leads to extremely high CO2 reductions when used as vehicle fuel.

Project introduction

This investment is aimed towards the establishment of a series of CNG fuelling stations in Denmark. The fuelling stations will supply renewable biomethane to ight, medium, and heavy vehicles driving around Denmark.

The CBG stations will be located in strategic places where customers to fuel the biomethane is already located.

Those customers will be the basis for the fuelling stations to ensure that there are customers and vehicles ready to refuel when the fuelling stations are set up.

The fuelling stations will in some cases have public access so that other transport companies can use the station and thereby increase the sales of biomethane and further improve the business case. In other cases the fuelling stations will be reserved for a few local customers with customer cards.

Token sales

For this project, at total of 12,000,000 tokens are for sale.

For early investors the token price will be low, and as the project develops and the risk involved in the project is reduced, the token price will increase.

Token sales will be done on the Token-trade platform when the project is ready to receive investment.


To invest in this project

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