Next Biogas Plant


Manure, organic household waste,

fish sludge and waste from fish farms.

All turned into green energy and renewable value streams.

Project introduction

This project will lead to the construction of a modern high efficiency biogas plant located in Norway. The biogas plant will turn local waste products and animal manure into green renewable energy, renewable bio-CO2, and renewable fertilizer.

The gass produced are a renewable gas with not only zero carbon emission footprint. Actually the carbon footprint is negative!

This is because the animal manure would have emitted quite a bit of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) along with nitrous oxide (N2O) on the farms where the manure comes from. These potent climate gasses are now being emitted directly to the atmosphere. But this will be reduced drastically if we collect it and treat the manure in the biogas plant.

To have renewable energy projects leading to negative climate gas emissions are quite rare. Biogas plants are among the very few technologies that can reach this high level of climate impact.

The biomethane from the biogas will be distributed to a local logistics centre, where it will replace fossil diesel on the truck that pass here every day.

The bio-CO2 will be liquified and used in local industry to replace fossil CO2.

The substrate-mix that goes through the biogas plant will have a post-treatment to separate out nutrients to produce a renewable fertilizer product to replace mineral fertilizer produced from fossil fuels.

Yearly energy production: 30 GWh (3,000,000 m3 biomethane)

Yearly bio-CO2 production: 2,700 ton

Yearly CO2 emission reduction: 12,110,000 ton

Share offering

For this project, at total of 100,000 shares are for sale.

For early investors the shares will be sold with a discount, and as the project develops and the risk involved in the project is reduced, the share price will increase accordingly.

Share sales will be done on the trading platform when the project is ready to receive investment.


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Current status of the project

The current status of the project is shown on the progress bar below.

Conceptual phase

That the project is currently in the conceptual phase (P1) means that a positive potential for establishing a good project has been verified in the studies-phase (P0). The concept for the planned project is being further developed. This involves getting contracts and deals with customers and suppliers in place, developing the over all design criteria for the machinery and buildings, and getting the required permits from local authorities in place.

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UN sustainable development goal in focus on this project